Why Kalon IMS ?

The idea of developing the project of “Kalon Institute Management System” came across in our mind when we saw that all the work is done manually and all the data is stored by using files and registers. The record of every student,courses, teachers are handled manually and there is no use of any computer.

Benifits & Usage

In Kalon IMS we can tosee any student information with just one click and than all the records will be fetched one by one and displayed. This is very easy and less time consuming process.

Searching and report generation is also made possible in this system. When any info is needed you just need to go to the particular field and there you are done. Updation & deleting of records is just a click away.

Organised Information

Kalon IMS plays a vital role in the success of organizing many important day-to-day staff and student activities. IMS helps in increasing the overall efficiency of an institute's operating components in areas such as Daily Records, Collecting data, etc.

Report Generation

Kalon IMS helps you to generate monthly, daily , yearly reports for n number of topics such as Fees Collection, Expenses, Student Admission, Enquiry etc.

Courses & Batches

Kalon IMS provides you whole and sole information of Course & Batch allocation of a particular Stdudent. Even the duration of the course is notified when the Date is near.

Fees Management

Kalon IMS helps you to manage all fees transactions and keeps detail records which can be accessed whenever needed. IMS helps in Notifying the pending fees for the particular Month/course etc.

Want to Manage your Institute ?

You definitely need Kalon IMS

Kalon IMS

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